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Cougar Dating Advice for Cougars and Cubs

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Cougar Dating Tips for Cubs

Are you a younger man who prefers older women? Are you having trouble trying to figure out where to meet a cougar? Here’s 5 easy cougar dating tips to help you meet an older, mature woman.

  • Frequent cougar bars. Every city has bars where the older crowd hangs out. Find a bar in your city where older women congregate and make that your new watering hole. Hanging out at noisy clubs and bars with puke-covered floors will get you nowhere.
  • Compliment a cougar. Cougars love genuine compliments. If a cougar catches your eye at the local grocery store, don’t be afraid to approach her, say hello and tell her you like her smile. Steer clear of any comments of a sexual nature. Don’t use the words “sexy” or “hot” or make any reference to her butt or boobs.  Be tactful.
  • Dress well. Chances are an older woman won’t find your Superman t-shirt all that charming.
  • Join a gym. There are lots of cougars roaming around your local gym. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with one.
  • Use a cougar dating service like Cougar911. It’s 2012. Nearly everyone who is single nowadays has used or currently uses an online dating service. By using a cougar dating site, you’ll be able to quickly find a cougar who is interested in meeting you.

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The Growing Popularity of Cougar Dating

Older Women are Dating Younger Men

Older women attracted to younger men? Look around – seeing mature women with younger men isn’t very uncommon anymore. It’s no surprise that cougar dating is rapidly growing in popularity. So, why do cougars want to date young cubs?

  • Sexual stamina. Younger men are more sexually desirable to cougars. A cougar knows that a younger man in his sexual prime will probably satisfy her better than an older male who is already beyond his peak.
  • Not all women need to be taken care of. Plenty of women in their forties enjoy successful careers and don’t want to play into the role of the needy female. A confident and successful cougar is happy to have a younger cub that looks up to her and admires her hard work.
  • No Baggage. Cougars don’t need to deal with male middle-age crazy woes. Plus, it’s likely cubs aren’t jaded by a nasty divorce concerning multiple children and an alimony-craving ex-wife.
  • There’s nothing wrong with a little arm candy. Trophy girlfriends and wives are widely accepted for older, successful men, so why can’t women enjoy a trophy boyfriend or husband? A sexy young cub on a cougar’s arm tells everyone she’s still got what it takes to attract a young, attractive man. Talk about a great ego boost!
  • Less stress and more fun. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with no baggage. Cougars date younger men because it’s pleasurable and fun. No worries (at least not in the beginning) about marriage, mortgages, divorce drama, etc. Want to take off for a week to Jamaica? Go ahead. Feel like heading out for late night drinks? Why the hell not! With cougar dating, nothing is holding the two of you back.
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Discover cougar dating at Cougar911

These are just a few reasons to try cougar dating at Cougar911. Cougar911 is the original adult dating site for cougars dating cubs. Create a profile and date a cougar or cub today!


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Cougar Dating at

Ready to Date a Cougar?

Experience. Intelligence. Passionate sex. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cougar dating. Imagine dating without the silly games and overblown dramatic moments. Visualize an evening of intelligent conversation followed by a night of mind-blowing, uninhibited sex. Sound tempting? It’s time to experience cougar dating.

There are more cougars in search of cubs than you may think. According to a Time magazine article, an AARP study found that 34% of women over the age of 40 were dating younger men. Cougar dating is more than just the latest craze made popular by Demi Moore and Madonna, it’s becoming more prevalent than ever.

Try cougar dating today. Visit the Cougar911 online dating site and hook up with cougar women in your city. No matter if you are searching for a no-strings attached encounter or a long-lasting relationship, has lots of sexy older women ready to date younger men.

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